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  • DCT Fiber Optics

    < Back DCT Fiber Optics 5 Days Data centers play such significant roles in our business and personal lives, yet not many people really know what they are. Often referred to as “the cloud” where our data is stored and processed, they are much more than this; they power the internet giving us the ability to pay bills online, access our emails, obtain money from ATM machines, watch movies, communicate around the world and to carry on what is now considered a normal, fiercely technological lifestyle. This program has been designed to help de-mystify the complex world of data centers. It provides an overview of what data centers are, what they do and why we need them. Key aspects relating to basic design and design philosophies are also examined and the essential considerations of data center management such as operational processes, energy management and facility management are explored along with their relationships to overall business strategy Previous Next

  • DCT Structured Cabling & Advanced Fiber Optics Training

    < Back DCT Structured Cabling & Advanced Fiber Optics Training 5 Days DCT Structured cabling is a unique Multi-vendor course that introduces Structured Cabling standards for both Copper & Fibre installations. The class based training offers advanced hands on experience labs to prepare students for any deployment scenarios for structured cabling. It’s a three day course (Day1- Copper cabling systems, Day2- 4Fibre cabling systems and Day 5-Labs and Exam. Previous Next

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