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Dacomms Training has partnered with Credly to provide a convenient way for you to showcase your professional accomplishments. Upon course completion, you will now receive a ‘digital badge’ to recognise your achievements. A digital badge is easily shared online, data rich and verified. It is the ideal way to showcase your achievement. The badges help support both individuals and businesses by having an easily identifiable way to recognise talent and reward accomplishments. They offer significant value to professionals by creating a strong visual tool that can help enhance employee recognition as well as strengthen job profiles for those seeking new career opportunities.


On successful completion of a Datacomms Training Course and receiving the official certification, individuals will automatically be issued their unique digital badge. The badges are securely stored together and managed by the individual via their user account. From here, the badges can be easily shared via social media and can also be downloaded to verify knowledge, skills and certifications gained, it, therefore, adds valuable credibility to individuals’ professional profiles. 


Benefits of using Credly badges.

Here are some of the benefits of using Credly digital badges:

  • Recognition: Digital badges can be used to recognize and celebrate learning achievements. This can be a great way to motivate learners and encourage them to continue learning.

  • Verification: Digital badges can be verified to ensure that they are authentic and that the learner has met the requirements for earning the badge. This can be helpful for employers and other organizations that are looking to assess a learner's skills and knowledge.

  • Portability: Digital badges are portable and can be easily shared with others. This makes them a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers or clients.

  • Personalization: Digital badges can be personalized to reflect the learner's individual achievements. This can make them more meaningful and motivating for the learner.


Overall, Credly digital badges are a valuable tool for recognizing, verifying, and showcasing learning achievements. They can be used by individuals, organizations, and employers to help learners track their progress, build skills, and advance their careers.

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