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DCT Wireless essentials

2 Days

The DCT Wireless Essentials is a practical course for companies and Individuals planning to deploy a secured Enterprise Wireless System .
The Wireless technology has evolved over the years with main trends being security , speed and Frequencies. The current wireless technology are 801.11ax (wi-fi 6) and 801.11be (wi-fi 7). The benefits of newer Enterprise Wireless systems are higher throughput , increased capacity , improved performance with many connected devices , improved power efficiencies , lower latency and support for IoT devices. The new Wireless technology is ideal for video streaming, cloud computing, video calling, video conferencing, remote office etc.
The DCT Wireless Essential Wireless Labs incorporate Physical Wireless Devices connected to a cloud-based Controller which can be managed from any location with a single pane of glass dash board showing all wireless access points deployed in the network. The theory and the practical session includes design , Install and deployment of efficient secured wireless in any environment.

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